frontier log furniturePine Log Furniture from Montana

Pine Log Furniture

If you consider the diameter of log used to build furniture, Pine logs are in the middle, with hickory being the smallest and aspen the largest in diameter. Although construction by mortise and tenon joinery is substantially the same for any species used, the style will be substantially influenced by the size of log and species. Also affecting the log furnishing look is the texture of log surfaced desired. Our pine log furniture finishes can be achieved by leaving on the tight bark, hand peeling off most the bark for a skip peeled look, or cleaning all the bark color and texture from the tree. All these treatments can be left natural color or stained. The main supplier of pine log furniture on this site, Frontier Log Furniture, is perhaps the oldest existing manufacturer of this type in continuous operation, since 1973. All of our pine log offerings are environmentally sustainable because no green tree is harvested for the log construction. All furnishings are made from standing dead pine trees.